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My First Game - Why its important!

It started from a board game... It was my first semester (Fall 2006) "introduction to programming" project. I had no idea about game design.
It was a two player car racing board game, I coded it in C++ so you can imagine there were no graphics at all and the game was all text based. Funny thing is I still managed to create all roads and cars through dotted lines and alphabets but what about the game design? This where I took inspiration from my friend's game who was coding snake and ladders. I thought it would be fun to merge it with my game. The board game wasn't actually on the board, it was coded in C++
So the game was a two player game, the primary objective of the game was to reach the final destination of a road which was numbered from 1 to 100. Every time the dice rolls (which was basically a random number generation function) each player would have to move the car towards that number. Here is the fun part, few numbers would pack a reward for the player. The s…