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English Medium Vs Urdu Medium

Today I watched "Hindi Medium" I felt like this movie really showed the problem of our education and class system. Here I want to tell my own story as well.

I used to study in an Urdu Medium Government School, there were two schools in one building and the other school was English Medium (typically known as Islamabad Model college). I would always envy those English medium kids for their uniforms, their beautifully decorated classes, and how politely their teacher's talks to them in English. In my whole break time, I would sit in the corner and observe the English Medium kids, playing different sports and having lots of swings in their ground and hoping that one day I will also study in English Medium School. On the other hand life at Urdu medium school was sad. One day I went to the English Medium school asked their teacher that I want to study here, she told me that they don't take kids from Urdu medium and shattered my dreams by telling my teachers that I crossed the building without permission. I passed my primary education and got admission in high school that too was an Urdu medium school but I got lucky somehow. One day we heard a news that school is turning into an English medium school. First, they selected all toppers of all class and put them into English medium classes. I was the top performer of my class so I got selected. I was super excited to start my 8th grade and when I looked at my course books, to my surprise, they were all in English, except Urdu. After studying in Urdu all my life it was a shock to me, that year I studied all books in English, and in Urdu along with an Oxford Dictionary. We were the first class of the school and we had so much pressure to perform well that I had to leave the school band ( I used to be a drummer). Finally, I passed my exam with B grades but I was happy because our school turned into an English Medium School.

Next thing was the selection of courses in Metric. I wanted to go into arts but they don't give any option of arts in English Medium. However, they introduced we can take Computer Science instead of Biology. All those who know me must know that I always loved computer and video games. I started studying computers but my happiness ended very soon when all girls in my class failed the first sessional exam, except me who scored full marks. They ended the course and asked us to take biology classes. My interest in IT and Computer was so strong that it really disheartened me. It was the time when I made the best decision of my life, I went to my principal and told her that I only want to study computer Science otherwise I want to leave the school. She got furious and asked to give me write an application for school leaving certificate right there. She thought I would get scared and would go back to my class and study whatever they would offer or they will tell my parents. But I wrote an application got my school leaving certificate in the middle of 9th class, went home and told my parents about it.

First, they went into a shock but they always had trust on me as I was the intelligent one in my siblings. They asked me what I want to do and I told them I want to study in English Medium Model College. I visited many schools and gave entry tests, finally, I got the admission in a Model College. The dream came true.
But... It was horrible. The model College I went into was full of Elite class girls and they were mean to me. I was new and I tried my best to fit in but they will always treat me as the odd one. They would bully me, make comments on my clothes at the funfair/functions, make fun of my broken English. They shook my self-confidence by degrading me on so many levels. I would hide in the empty rooms. I had no friends, I used to eat my lunch alone in break times or sit in the library to read books while all girls would eat at the canteen. Sometimes I would get so dishearten and question myself If I made the right decision. It was difficult 2 years of my life, I still performed well in studies but I can imagine the pain of lower class. The difference of English medium, Urdu Medium, Private and Elite schools is killing our education and spreading poison in the roots of our culture.

The quality of education depends on what income class you come from in Pakistan.
Poor kids can not go to best schools. They can’t afford lunches on canteen, going out with friends on parties, expensive extracurricular activities, concerts and trips. They can’t adjust to their class. Every child is born with eagerness and curiosity to learn, sadly we are unable to give them the right environment to grow in.


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