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A New Life- FPS Game for Cancer Pateints

This Project was my Final Year Project and the aim for this project is to make an FPS (First Person Perspective) Game for the PC platform that can psychologically motivate Child Cancer patients. The main focus of this project is to create an environment of human brain and the arteries and veins leading up to the Brain.

Initially the environment of the Brain and Arteries was constructed and to make the UPC (User Playable Character) interact and roam in that environment. After achieving the initial goal, our  focus of the project was to fully immerse the player into the game by using immersive gameplay techniques, ambient sounds, interactive UI Scenes (User Interface Scenes), sufficient AI (Artificial Intelligence) and realistic environment.

The tools are used for developing this project are UDK™ Autodesk’s, 3ds Max™, Milkshape 3d™. The project is developed using Unreal Engine 3 environment called UDK™ mainly. UDK™ is used for almost everything from Level Designing to lightning development. 3dsmax and Milkshape3d is used to create models and characters for the game.


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